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Getting Ready for Renting your Home?

By Rebecca Cosgrove

Preparing a property for renting is an important stage in the process of securing a good tenant.  Whether a property has been purchased specifically for renting, or, you’ve decided to move out and turn the family home into a rental, there are a range of strategies you can employ to ensure the experience is positive for everyone!

Put simply, there’s more to renting a property than just engaging the agent.  It’s proper planning and presentation that will lead to successful outcomes.

A clean, uncluttered, and well-maintained property genuinely helps the process of finding a good tenant, and there are a range of strategies you can employ to achieve the right result.

  • Cleaning the home and decluttering the yard – A good clean is essential! Dirt, household rubbish and other debris are a big turn off.  Decluttering a yard opens up spaces helping to make the area appear as big and open as possible.  First impressions are important and prospective tenants will be focusing on the ‘look’ from the footpath to the front door.  A good tidying of the garden may just do wonders.  Presentation, presentation!!
  • Maintenance – Take a walk around the home and through every room. Make note of any damage to walls and features.  Make sure all lights and appliances (air-con/heating etc) are working.  Renovating the home before it’s rented is unnecessary but repairing any damage can really freshen up a property and its presentation as well as ensuring compliance with any laws.
  • Odours – Check for odours in and around the home and investigate the cause. There may be plumbing leaks causing unpleasant mouldy smells.  Previous occupants may have owned pets so the home may need some special cleaning and deodorising.  Even the best presented home can be let down by bad smells!
  • Painting – It’s unnecessary to paint a home before each new tenant, however, if the property has been tenanted for a long time or it’s been several years between paint jobs, then it may be time for refresh. Bright and fresh paint are always a winner when presenting a home to prospective tenants.
  • Floor coverings – Put simply, getting the carpets professionally cleaned is a must before each new tenancy!

This list isn’t exhaustive, but it does highlight some key areas property owners need to focus on to present a home in the best possible way.  Whether it’s your first rental property or you’re a seasoned investor the team at Ray White Property Management are focused on supporting you to find a great tenant for your property.

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